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Chocolate & Orange Pudding

We all love a treat and at Mountain Nutrition we think everyone deserves a little bit of what they fancy. However, we want to make sure everything that passes your lips count towards your everyday performance. Most puddings are purely sugar and fat, both high in calories but little else. With this pudding we have hidden positive nutrition! With the juice of 2.5 fresh oranges, freeze dried blueberry power, 2 avocados and a tablespoon of nut butter, this chocolate mousse is bursting with good fats, protein and lots of vitamin C from the fruit. It is so easy to make, either make at home and enjoy after training as a pat on the back or package it safely to put in your back pack to have with your lunch after being on the hills.

2 avocados

2.5 oranges (juice)

1 tbsp freeze-dried blueberry powder (if you can find it you can mix in fresh blueberries)

2 bars of 80% chocolate

a touch of maple syrup to taste

1. Squeeze the oranges into a pan and warm up over a gentle heat

2. Add the maple syrup

3. Break the chocolate into the pan into small pieces. Be careful not to heat too much as it will curdle.

4. Mash the avocado in a bowl and add to the chocolate mixture. Take of the heat.