BSc (Hons) Pg. Dip RD

Alex is a registered clinical and sports dietitian with over a decade of experience in nutrition management, working with a variety of athletes looking to make changes to their nutrition plans to better benefit their sports performance. She has a BSc (Hons) in Sports & Exercise Science from the University of Birmingham and a post graduate in Nutrition & Dietetics. 

Alex specialises in endurance nutrition, supporting a range of athletes, from ultra distance enthusiasts, elite level junior athletes to supporting multi-day expeditions in challenging environments.  She has had varied experience in the past,  having worked worked with the Ministry of Defence, NHS and a number of well known sports brands. 

She has been a competitive distance runner for almost 20 years and has entered the world of Ultra running in the last few years having won all races to date. Alex’s years of competitive running helps her identify and work successfully with a number of professional and amateur athletes on improving performance through diet and nutrition.